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Lorraine Madison

Here are pictures of Dexter (orange kitty ) and Madison (grey kitty) Dexter got sick almost as soon as I brought him home from the rescue center. Not having any idea what FIP was and a Vet who had only seen two cases in her 25 years we tried everything to get him better.After different drugs and many many tests when Dexter started to retain fluid it was determined it was FIP. His fluid was actually sent to Davis to help with finding a cure for FIP. A few weeks later I went to another rescue center and found Madison. It was love at first sight for us both and for the short two months I had him, there was a bond so strong he will forever be in my heart. Knowing the signs of FIP now, my Vet was also in contact with other Vets regarding FIP and as hard as it was to believe Madison also had FIP. He went from a running around the house to hardly moving with a very high fever. Finally he was retaining so much fluid I had to say goodbye so he wouldn't suffer any more. Loving cats so much and knowing how many need homes I did finally go to another rescue center and found Milo who is now best friends with Elliot my older cat. Both are happy and healthy. I want nothing more that to find a cure for FIP. I am happy to pledge a monthly donation until a cure is found!