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Meet Lolita.  She is one of many stray and abandoned cats here in the Kingdom of Bahrain, in the Middle East.  And we are just two of the very small number of rescuers here, dedicating most of our personal time and money to save their lives and rehome them.   There aren’t any government funded shelters or vet clinics here and the huge numbers of suffering animals on the streets, in the desert, everywhere….is enormously heartbreaking to see.  The extreme temperatures coupled with the lack of food, water and shelter (and a generally ‘unwelcoming’ human population) results in cases so severe that should NEVER EVER happen in this day and age, to any living being.  So we know what we do makes a big difference to those we help and we will never stop.

Yet due to a lack of funds, we sometimes have to make very difficult and sad decisions, which in Western, and more affluent countries, would never have to be made.  We are in such a situation currently with Lolita now, and we are choosing to help her to fight for her life.  

We rescued her from a very densely populated and polluted area of Bahrain in May this year.  She is only 2 years old but weighed less than 2kgs, had clearly been beaten by other stray cats and possibly humans too, had a dangerously high fever, black discharge oozing from her eyes and mouth, and was very lethargic.  Lolita refused to eat and it was only at the 3rd vet clinic that she was finally diagnosed. Lolita suffers from a potentially fatal virus, which without receiving specific medication, she will die, and fast.  

We managed to source the medication and she has responded very well this past month.  She has gained weight, energy and her playful and sweet personality is starting to shine more brightly now.  She will likely need another 2 month’s of treatment which includes the daily injection of the medicine, liver support medication, regular blood work, and checking of liver and kidney function, all amounting to an exceptionally high amount. We simply don’t have the funds needed to complete her treatment and so we are pleading for help in the form of donations to save Lolita’s life.

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