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Hi everyone,

My sweet baby Lola has dry neuro FIP and is also FIV+. She is only 11 months old, and we have been fighting an uphill battle for awhile.

We adopted her from a foster who was caring for many cats, and she was also originally a street cat. We believe she has had FIV from birth, but probably contracted the initial feline coronavirus from being in a house with 25+ cats.

She had been getting better until about two months ago. Her left eye had become cloudy and discolored seemingly overnight, and she was diagnosed with uveitis. The vet wrote it off as an atypical event- “probably something to do with her FIV.” No one ever brought up FIP to us.

Her eye cleared after a lengthy bout of antibiotics. Shortly after, the neuro symptoms began. It started with some slight unsteadiness. Then she had a seizure-like event that prompted a late night ER vet visit. Once again, we were given no answers. The ataxia further developed from there, and soon it was extremely hard for her to even stand. She couldn’t jump up or down from the bed/couch.
She became very lethargic.

After 3 regular vet visits, bloodwork, and another ER vet visit- the only thing we were told was to put her down. FIP wasn’t ever even suggested to us until the foster we got her from sent me some information about FIP.

Looking back on her bloodwork with a fellow FIP warrior vet tech mama we were informed for the first time that some blood chem levels from soon after we adopted her had reflected some signs of FIP. All the symptoms make perfect sense, and we decided to start treatment right away. She has improved so much even in just 3 days. The last two videos included are a before and after of her walking.

Fellow FIP warriors- I know how difficult & expensive this process is for all of us. If anyone has absolutely anything to help us out, or even just help us share our GoFundMe- it would mean the world to us.
Her FIV has worn our pockets extremely thin over the past 7 months- my boyfriend and I are both only in our early twenties & living on our own. Our pet insurance dropped us after her diagnosis ):
We will do anything to get our sweet girl what she needs.

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