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Four litters and 3 orphans ago, I was found dropped in between some fencing in Monrovia. Kind and gentle souls, broke the fencing just to give me a fighting chance at life. They bestowed upon me the name of “Lincoln” as I was found on Lincoln Place.

My mommy’s rescue mentor was my original foster mom but when she went on a business trip to Las Vegas she reached out to my mommy and never got me back! My mommy totally fell in love with me and took me in as her own foster and a bit after adopted me.

A month before I was diagnosed with FIP (wet form) I was battling for my life due to a really bad Calicivirus strain. In that tragic Battle of the Calicivirus, I was hospitalized for 4 straight days due to my fever and I developed Pneumonia. We lost my foster sisters, Annalise and Genevieve, in that battle.

While we were celebrating our victories and mourning our losses my mom started seeing changes in my energy. She thought initially it was because we lost my foster sisters but as the days passed she saw that I was lethargic and still running a mild fever. She thought it was my body still fighting off the Calicivirus but after a few weeks she started noticing I was getting rounder in my tummy. When she ran her hands on me she was feeling all the bones in my body.

On September 27th, she was so worried that it might be FIP so she took me to the Kitten Rescue LA executive director to see if she thought it was FIP. Things looked suspicious so they got me into the Veterinarian first thing Monday morning. The nice doctor felt my tummy and said she would like to take X-Rays and took me to the back. Little did my mom know that she was also tapping my tummy for fluids as the X-ray showed my tummy and 1/3 of my lung was full of fluids.

When she came back with me to the patient room she told my mom it’s pretty much FIP (wet form). My mommy was so she’ll shocked she just put me in the carrier and scheduled an appointment with her regular vet to run some tests. She couldn’t get in until the following morning so when she went home she cried for hours. After she cried she went on her laptop and started researching anything and everything about FIP.

She came by and saw that there was a cure available! She also saw the clinical trial ended but saw that there was ways to get GS! She joined the FIP Warriors and chatted with Alicia (Mushu’s mommy). Alicia told my mommy to get my CBC and Biochemistry panel after my mommy told they they tapped “straw/yellow color fluid” from my tummy.

Our vet has an in-house IDEXX machine so we got the blood results within 20 minutes and all the markers for FIP was present. My mommy messaged Alicia to go get her first dose. She didn’t get a reply back but she started driving to Palm Springs with me in tow for my first injection.

After 2.5 hours of driving my mommy was very afraid that this could be a scam but she kept on telling herself that “Just buy 1 vial. If we don’t see any improvements within the first 7 days we at least tried.”

Just after my first shot my fever started to lower! In the first 7 days she saw me eat more and be more energetic. Within 24 days she saw all the fluids metabolize back into my body. I have had a few rollercoaster rides but a lot of victories so far with GS.

To further follow my journey please follow my Instagram @lincoln_the_fip_warrior.

I am fighting this war with FIP for all our fallen brethren who have succumbed to this horrible disease. I am fighting this war for all the kitties who will fight this war in the future so they can learn, be aware and help end this dreadful illness.

I fight for my right to live a healthy and long kitty life! I fight for awareness for FIP so people will be more informed. I fight for the right to eat Churu’s for the rest of my life!

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