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On September 12 I got home from work to see my beautiful baby cat, lily, had what looked like a bowling bowl in her abdomen. At only 4 months old I couldn’t imagine why she had this and brought her to the emergency clinic. After a cruel 2 hour wait at the vet, they told me they suspected FIP and were going to test lily to be sure, but get ready to euthanize. The next day the results came back positive for wet FIP with fluid in the abdomen. Lily was already starting to deteriorate. I could see in her eyes she was in pain and she didn’t look herself. The next day (Saturday) my best friend and I drove 2 hours to start lily on GS. It was our last hope! Within days the fluid in her belly was GONE. Her 104 temp was 99* and she was playing like her normal kitten self. She is finished with treatment on December 7 and doing amazing. I feel blessed every day to have her still. I love her so very much and can’t wait to see where her little life goes. I have hope but know that things can change quickly. So thankful to have a group of people that can relate. 🙏🏻 I’m so grateful to have extra time with my baby.