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Lilah, our perfect, cream, blue eyed, laid back darling moggy, who we rescued at 8 weeks old, suddenly (and really it was overnight), and a few days after her 1st birthday, woke up with breathing difficulties.

She was rushed to the vets and referred to a specialist, we were told she had a ruptured diaphragm and heartbreakingly they told us her insides looked like she had been hit by a car, despite being indoor only.  
Then they said she had cancer, and then they settled on FIP which has now been confirmed.

After five days in the ICU, five lung drains, and constant oxygen support, we made the painful decision to take her out of the vet's care, against their wishes, as we wanted to try GS, which we had read so much about.

Even if not successful, we could not let Lilah die away from home and away from her family, and we had not known a happy moment since she had left us.

Whilst at the vets, Lilah developed a wobble and an eye shake and had rapidly deteriorated leading us to suspect that the virus had gone neuro.

From her first injection, and from being back at home, Lilah has thrived. She is thankfully still with us today and we are continuing on with her treatment which causes us complete heartbreak everyday, but which we will do until the end because we couldn't imagine letting her go.

Lilah is one of three rescues in our home, all three are loved incredibly and all three make our home the happy place that it is. Lilah is incredibly special to me personally and I am not ready to entertain the idea of a life without her. Please keep my darling girl in your hearts. x

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