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I am totally devastated. I have just been made aware of the horrible disease FIP. Feline Infectious Peritonitis. I have owned cats my entire life and never had to encounter this horrible disease. I have dealt with FIV and feline AIDS, my precious Fred died of FIV and Feline Aids in 1990, and I had no idea that the disease even exsisted, and that was my first encounter with that disease. So I began vaccinating for FIV and Feline Leukemia. All was well until Friday when I stood with my mouth hanging open in Awe and Shock as my Vet. informed me that she thought my sweet little dumpling baby Lici had FIP. I have not slept since Thursday night, I have been up searching and searching the web for anything to save my baby's life. She is only 3 and I just adopted her 8 months ago., Her name is Lici but we lovingly call her Ha' gao. Means Dumpling. She is my little sweet dumpling. She was a rescue and she was small when we got her and with love and attention she got plump. Then she started to keep to herself, and did not want to play like she used to. We had adopted another poor rescue and we thought maybe Lici was depressed because of the new addition and the new addition ( "Mazee") was very demanding of our attention. So we paid extra attention to Lici. I picked her up one day and I thought how warm she felt. A week later my wife and I both mentioned that we thought Lici felt really warm when we picked her up. I took her to the Vet on FridaySept. 6 and now here I am today the 7th in shock that my baby has FIP. Never in a Million years would I have know this even existed. Now I know, and I have been up all night looking for a way to save my baby. She is not receiving treatment, we just now found out and the Vet is sending the fluid sample from her stomach cavity to the lab. She did the Rivalta test right in front of me and said it was positive for FIP. I have been up since Thursday night looking for something to save my baby. I somehow located a web page with a vitamin supplement treatment that someone had posted and I bought the ingredients today and started her on it and I have to say she went from so weak and not moving to wanting to go outside and hang around with the family. It is simply vit C and all the B vitamins with extra vit B12 and Vit D. I crushed the pills and got crystal Vit C 5000 and liquid gel Vit D 5000. I mixed it with Chicken bone broth and some filtered water. I drew it up in a syringe ( Not a needle) but to put it in her mouth. She was so sick and not able to stand when I got home from the store. But after I was able to squirt some of the vitamin mixture in her mouth she got up and came downstairs and ate some tuna and went out in the back year and looked much more alive. 3 hours later I again squirted some of the vitamin mixture in her mouth. She seemed more alert and was sitting up looking around. I will continue this through the night every 3 hours.