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In May 2018 I lost my semi-feral baby, I was devastated, he was my best friend. I had continued to support the animal rescue who helped trap his family and assisted in having him de-sexed and a month after losing him I saw a post on the rescue facebook page of a tiny little kitten, only 6 weeks old. Lia was taken from a colony of approximately 60 cats, strays, ferals and abandoned animals in the countryside near my hometown. It was love at first sight and I knew I had to take her home. Her eyes were glued shut, she had a terrible case of the flu, her brother, who was rescued with her sadly passed away shortly after they were taken in. Lia, however, seemed to thrive, and by the end of July she had her ruptured eye removed, she was de-sexed and was ready for me to collect. She was still so very small, boney even, being in a rescue with 40 other cats no one thought anything of it, she would thrive in a family home with only one other cat. She was a little snuffly when I picked her up, the wonderful woman from the rescue gave me a course of antibiotics with her and after a week in my care her snuffles were gone and she had gained a great amount of weight, her coat began to shine and she was so full of life, I was besotted with my baby girl. I noticed her sniffles came back a couple of days after finishing her antibiotics, her remaining eye became inflamed and cloudy so I promptly took her to see the vet. Lia was given more antibiotics, painkillers and a host of different eye drops to try to save her eye, the veterinarian booked me in to see a different vet who he felt may be able to help her better than he could. A few days later we were back in the clinic, Lia was completely blinded by her uveitis at this point. We had in-house bloodwork done, ruling out one thing after another until only two things remained, Toxoplasmosis and FIP. My vet, Anna, was wonderful and supportive whatever I chose to do, if I wanted to treat her for Toxo to rule it out we would do that, but she told me she was 90% sure it was dry FIP from the bloodwork If I wanted to euthanize we would do that. I couldn't let her go without a fight, I had never heard of this FIP, I took the toxo meds and went home. I read every article I could find, I watched every video I joined FIP fighters for advice. I took Lia back to the Vet a week later, her eye was clearing up, she could see again, she was growing, she had gained another 200 grams we left with 3 more weeks worth of toxo treatment and for 3 weeks I hoped that my vet was wrong. During those three weeks Lia began to eat less and less, she slept a lot, she played less than she used to, she just wanted to be with me always, cuddling and sleeping. I ran out of metacam for her a few days before we were due to revisit the clinic and it broke my heart to hear her meow out in pain when I picked her up, a hard lump formed on the side of her abdomen and at our next visit my worst fears were realized, an ultrasound showed pockets of effusion all through her abdomen. I burst into tears in the exam room before they even told me there was nothing else they could do for her, I knew her fate was sealed. Anna, wonderful Anna told me to take her home and say my goodbyes, she prescribed her more Metacam to keep her comfortable, for that, I thank her, that one bottle of Metacam gave Lia almost three more weeks with us. I scheduled her at home euthanasia as soon as it ran out, not being able to bear seeing her suffer. My sweet little Lia, only 26 weeks old, a huge part of my life for such a short amount of time, went peacefully in my arms on Friday the 12th of October, taking a huge piece of my heart with her. I miss you everyday little girl, my heart hurts every night that I have to go to bed without you, I'm sure wherever you are now has become even more beautiful since you arrived, your suffering is over but mine has just begun. I love you forever Lia.