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Hello everyone! I’m new to gofundme I would like to take the time to tell you my story about my sweet baby cat Leo. He recently turned 3 years old. I adopted him in San Antonio, Texas at a pet store. He’s been a joy in my life since I don’t have children yet. We moved to Arizona from Texas when a month ago Leo didn’t want to eat his dry food. I made a vet appointment followed by a lot of blood tests for him. The vet informed me from his bloodwork and x-ray that Leo had what is called FIP (Feline Infectious Peronitis) Wet form. Sadly, with wet form it can be very aggressive. The Vet gave me two weeks to a month for him to live with this fatal disease. A month quickly passed by with Leo losing more weight and ocular effect in his eyes. I was told by a vet worker about FIP Warriors that there are treatment options to help Leo. We started treatment 6 days ago with the help of the stimulus check. Leo is on day 6 of treatment and we’ve noticed such a drastic change in his appetite as well as his eyes returning back to normal, and no fever. Unfortunately, treatment is expensive and I’m running low on funds Leo has been the best pet I’ve ever owned. I’m telling you my story because I’m fighting to keep my baby alive just as much as he’s fighting to get better with treatment. I know this treatment is helping Leo and I can’t give up on him this soon. Each vial is working towards his 84 days or less of treatment in the hopes to achieve remission.   A vial is enough for 2 days at this point but at the cost of $90-$150 per vial it adds up fast.

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