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Leela was a member of our family since 2014. She joined her sister Emma, who was also a Scottish Fold after her sister Zoe passed a few years earlier. Leela was the perfect addition to our family and despite the age difference between Emma and Leela; they became the best of buddies. Unfortunately, Emma passed at the age of 19 .5 years old. Leela was never the same after losing her buddy.

Leela was more like a human, she always understood you while talking, loved being a lap cat, rocked like a baby and she even loved watching television.

Leela was always very happy and healthy and there were no signs of her FIP for years up until September of 2018. A few months back Leela was munching away at her dry food like always and enjoying eating and was getting wider, but it was really due to the water in her abdomen. Leela was diagnosed with wet FIP and taken to Smith Ridge Veterinary in South Salem, NY. Multiple treatments and tests were run in hope of a "miracle" and helping Leela feel better. Unfortunately, her disease progressed very quickly and she had to be put to sleep on October 4, 2018.

Leela, we will miss you more than words can ever say. You were a baby, but we know you are no longer in pain and in kitty heaven with your buddy Emma. Yesterday a beautiful flower bloomed by the pool and we know that was you saying - I'm okay.

We love you always Leela Brown Fischler