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Lamia - FIP Survivor. This brave, little hero just finished her observation period. She started the 84 days lasting treatment on 16.01.2020. Lamia had problems with breathing, high temperature, no energy and no appetite when diagnosed with FIP, she had to be hospitalized for 3 days. The accumulating liquid in the chest cavity was sent for testing for any coronavirus antibodies presence. It came back positive, additionally other FIP markers were present in the blood results (low A/G ratio, low Lymphocytes, high protein, High NEU, high gamma globulin levels, low HCT etc.) Then, we started treatment with GS-441424, after the first 24h we noticed an improved appetite and general state of the cat, after 4 days she was increasingly playful, on the 16th day she was jumping after toys like a healthy cat and it continued. She didn’t get any skin inflammatory issues or other problems during the treatment. Now, Lamia is doing great, just like a normal healthy cat, blood test results confirm this state, furthermore her liver and kidneys were not affected, her results now are of a normal healthy cat. I will be forever thankful to Dr Pedersen for the research study he has done to save thousands of cats. I am very thankful also to Fip Warriors groups for such excellent, unconditional support when it was the most needed.