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Hi everyone!

I have rescued Kyo from a slaughterhouse when he’s only 5-month-old. After 2 months living happily with me, one day suddently he refused to eat and breath hardly, I was suffering with being positive with COVID-19 that time, so after 4-5 days, I brought him to the veterinarian. On 26th february 2022, Kyo has been diagnosed with FIP. The vet said it’s wet FIP and Kyo’s chest cavity is now full of fluid, which makes him breath difficultly. Kyo’s case is now really urgent because the fluid affected his respiratory tract, his blood test is bad, and need to get treatment as soon as possible. I am now trying all I can to afford the FIP treatment to save his life.
The story is more detail in Gofundme page, so please help me check out the link and support us as long as you can. Kyo is only 7 months old, he derserves to have a chances to live and I will do anything possible to save him.
Every penny you donate can help me a lot to keep him alive and follow the 84 days treatment process to help Kyo FIP-FREE.

Everything you do even just share our story, will help me and Kyo so much. Thank you so much!

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