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Kokoska is a cute 6 months kitten, found on the street when she was a small baby. She is the sweetest, lovely and loving creature.

She has FIP. It is a fatal disease for cats, and there are only 2 options:

seeing how she is getting worse and worse day after day and finally euthanize her. Isn't it a terrific option?... only look at her eyes.. It is not only a cat, it is a Friend...
give her chance to survive and start fighting thanks to a relatively new anti-viral treatment.
Recently scientists led by dr. Niels Pedersen found a cure for FIP and established a protocol for a total treatment of the cat that lasts 12 weeks and eliminates the virus from the body.

There are different success stories in different countries, including Poland, and testimonials when this treatment restored the heath of animals and the joy of their owners.

I am sure everyone would select the second option, and would give chance to survive, would do everything to save the life.

Unfortunately, this treatment is very expensive. Imagine you can save your friend, but you cannot afford it..

We urgently need your help and your support. FIP is progressing very fast and we need to act now, we have no time to wait...

Support us please and share! Please help in sharing this message with as many people as possible.

Every single donation, even minimum amount, is very important and critical for us!

Thank you!!!

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