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Hello! It was just a few weeks ago that we were introduced to Feline Infectious Peritonitis. Our Sweet Bengal kitty, named Kipling, got the diagnosis after weeks of our trying to determine why he has lost so much weight, was not eating or drinking, sleeping all day and experiencing high fever and an eye that was almost swollen shut.

He was wasting away before our eyes and, not wanting him to suffer, we scheduled euthanasia for Monday May 4.

But then, there was an answer. A medication that countless others said had saved their feline friends. The problem was cost.

We love sweet Kipling so much. He just turned a year old on April 4 and has so much life to live. We HAD to try. So we pulled funds together for the first 10 days of the 12-week regimen and gave our boy a fighting chance.

The change in Kipling is so encouraging. He has started eating and drinking again. His eye seems to be improving. He stopped wasting away and started to rally. This is a cat that likely had weeks to live. (You can see the difference in his weight and in his eye by looking at the pics!)

Now that we know the medicine is having positive effect, we want to invest in our family pet's life and give him the additional 74 days worth of meds that could save him and beat this awful disease.

Donations will go directly and completely to Kipling's medication so that he can fulfill the full 12-week regimen.

We have had to put cats down, but never one so young and never because there was a cure that we just couldn't afford. THERE IS A CURE. HOPE IS NOT LOST, AND WE WANT TO GIVE THIS YOUNG LITTLE GUY A HEALTHY LIFE.

From our household to yours, THANK YOU for considering making a donation. To help get the word out, you can share the link to your Facebook Timeline! We will keep you posted on Kippy's progress.

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