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killer always like to eat a lot ,, so we noticed his large stomach and him laying around a lot and just thought he was fat and lazy till one day i looked up bloated and sleeps to much,, found out about fip,, so took Killer to the vet the next day ,, they ran xrays took a blood test and drew fluid from his abdomen,, they came back to me and said he has fip going by the fluid in the needle,, they said he needs to be euathanized now,, i brought him home and took him to another vet that Friday,, they said the same but did not mention him being euthanized,, so i began a search on facebook for fip groups,,i found the fip warriors and began seeking advice and help,, earliest i could get gs would be on tuesday,, as tuesday came Killer was not doing well,, he had turned worse in the last two days,, when before he ate some jumped into his chair and seemed alert now he would fall off his chair,, drank lots of water but would not eat,, i got his gs around 1 pm rushed to give him his first injection,, hoped to save him ,, the next morning i got up early 4 am found him lying in the floor with a stare ,, he meowed a few times i brought him with me lay him on a pillow,, tried to give him something to eat some water,, picked him up he meowed three more times not the same voice he once had,, his eyes had opened where they were half closed,, i lay him back down waiting on time for his next injection and asking quiestions to the group on facebook,, at 5 am Killer passed away,, i loved that kitten on 9 months old,,, never seen what life was about,, sick for over a month and a month getting where he could play and explore,, i like so many others didn't know about fip and the signs ,, just thought like i said he was fat and lazy,,, the biggest trouble is no information is spread to the cat owners of what to look for and what to do to make it safe for cats before they get this disease,, and to know there is help out there,, ,, the main thing is getting this help on the market so vets know there is a cure,, and bring down the price so everyone can get it,,