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When we brought Kiko and his sister Lulu home from the Humane Society in November 2020, they were a couple of healthy, happy and very energetic 2 month old kittens.  They played with each other for hours, ate lots of food and grew quickly.  They were also affectionate and loved sitting on our laps. 

Sadly, starting around the beginning of May 2021, we noticed Kiko slowing down a bit.   By the middle of May he had almost stopped eating and was noticeably thin compared to Lulu.  He was also pale and felt warm.  Three vet visits and several blood tests and x-rays later we received the devastating news that he probably has FIP, or Feline Infectious Peritonitis.   He has the dry/neuro/ocular form of FIP.  All three vets who looked at his case could only offer euthanasia before he starved to death.     

We just couldn't let him die if there was a chance something could be done, even if it means asking for help to raise money.

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