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We adopted Kiki on December 2nd /2019, when she was about a month old. Kiki had always been a playfull and loving cat. She always stayed in the same room we were in and never preferred to stay alone. Everything was fine for 3 months, and those 3 months are really precious to me and I'll never forget them. Then one day I noticed that she is not eating like she used too and doesn't play as well. Then when she started vomiting, I knew something was very wrong. I took her to the vet and didn't listen properly and just gave her shots to stop vomiting. I kept taking her to the vet and they never took things seriously. Here in Pakistan we don't have proper arrangements for animals and vets don't really listen properly, plus the hospital has poor hygiene, I.e even if you take your health animal there, they are very likely to get an infection from another cat. And I am talking about on of the best hospital. 1 month went by and her conditions worsened. She didn't play or ate anything. Just kept sleeping all day and on top of that she was rapidly losing weight. She was all skins and bones, with a bloated belly. We took her to the hospital at 2 am in the morning, and the when the doctor examined her thay told us she might have panleukopenia, and told us to test her blood. We tested her blood and her white blood cells were more rather than less, the vet told us that in Initail stages the white blood cells increases. And gave her all the medications that are required in panleukopenia, when she didn't have that virus at all. She got so weak and started peeing during her treatment (I can imagine how much pain she used to go through). We continued it for a weak and then I told the vet that she has bloated belly. That when he took an xray and got to know that she had fip. By the time he diagnosed it, it was already very late, she died 2 days after that. The night she before she died she sat with us all and even ate that day and even played. The next morning she had trouble breathing and we knew that her life was about to come to an end. We took her to the vet and he just gave her another drip. When In fact she had trouble breathing. She kept poking her tongue out and gasping for breath and they kept saying that it is because it's really hot. I am not a vet but even I could tell that she had difficulty breathing. On her ride home, she sat in my lap and just lay there, with her tongue sticking out. I kept crying because I knew she wasn't gonna make it, she struggled alot and wierd noises stared or come out of her mouth and all of sudden after loud scream she stopped struggling and just lay there motionless with her eyes open. The worst part was I couldn't do anything to help her. She looked so beautiful, as of she was just laying there with her eyes open. We took her back to the vet and they told us the time of death. Then we buried her in a garden full of flowers. She died today on 2nd May 2019. This experience really changed me and I just hope they find a cure to this horrible disease, so no cat has to suffer like mine and that the hospitals of animal in my country improve their quality. I don't know if anyone will ever read this long post, but I just wanted to pour my heart out.