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Hello everyone! My name is grace and I am a caretaker for seniors with alzheimer’s and dementia as well as a nursing school student. Two months ago my sweet girl Toulouse (my tootie cutie) passed away to kidney failure. I had so much love to give that I adopted Kiara! Everything was going well at first but about a month after I got her she started declining. All the normal symptoms of neurological FIP. She could  barely stand or lift her head or walk, but thanks to the amazing donors and friends who have helped us afford her treatment, she is doing fantastic. we are about 1/4 of the way through with her treatment and she is doing amazing! She has gained a pound which is awesome but now we have to spend more on medication. Yesterday was her best day yet and she was running around, playing with her toys, scratching her scratching post and even climbing on her window perch. When this whole thing started she could barely even walk and now she is climbing around. I never thought I would see her do that again. We need help from people like you to keep affording this medication that is saving my babies life. Please donate a few dollars if you can and if you can’t please share this post. My girl is my whole world. The treatment estimate screenshot was at her starting weight so it has since gone up and will continue to do so as she (hopefully) gains more weight. When she was diagnosed she was just skin and bones.

FIP, feline infectious peritonitis, has long thought to be a death sentence, but it is not any more. There is a treatment known by the name of *****. It is just not FDA approved in the United States yet due to patenting issues with a company called Gilead pharmaceuticals. People with fur babies in the UK are having luck with their pet insurance covering ****** so there is hope it will be much more easier to obtain in the USA too! There are ways to get this medication if your cat has FIP, but it is very difficult and I got very lucky that someone near me had emergency vials to give to me so I could start treating Kiara immediately. I will post screenshots of her emergency vet bill and her estimated treatment cost on this medication when she was 3 pounds (she is 4 now) and the dosage goes up with weight and unfortunately, since she has neurological FIP she requires more dosage so the medication can cross the blood brain barrier. The medication comes in 5 mL bottles and she takes 1.33 ML a day so one bottle doesn’t even last us a week and it costs $80 per bottle. Please help me save my girl. She is the light of my life and I would do anything to experience a happy and healthy life with her. Much love to all of you and your fur babies!

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