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Our dearly loved baby boy was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP last Thursday 8/15. He is only 5 months old. When we got him he was a rambunctious lil guy with so much love and cuddles to give. We were initially worried about the pet store we bought him from because they had bad reviews, but figured all pet stores usually have bad reviews. I really exotic short hair for my birthday so my boyfriend and I looked for the perfect boy. The store told us they could get us exactly what we were looking for if we put a deposit down and waited 2-4 weeks. Sure enough that had options for us. As soon as I saw his picture I knew that was my kitty. We took him home on my birthday June 17th and he was perfect. He loved to jump around our apartment and looked to get into EVERYTHING. He was a good eater and an even better smuggler ♥️ He had gotten his blood work done and his vaccines the first week we had him. They came back normal. Red blood cell count was a little low but the vet said that was typical with kittens. He also had a mild case of worms that were fixed within the week with oral medication. I first noticed his lethargy a week before last and the upcoming weekend he had a bloated tummy and refused to play with any of his toys. He ate here and there but not as much as normal. We took him to get examined and the vet gave us the terrible news. Because there is said to be no cure, he just sent us home and told us he’d likely pass in the next 5 days but if there are real struggle/pain we can come in to help him to the other side. He’s been resting for the last couple of days. Sleeping and walking around a little. He still drinks water and eats a little but he has only peed and hasn’t pooped in 3 days. We don’t know what is going to happen or how we can help him, but I’m just trying to love him as much as I can while I still can. He is more bouncy in the mornings but as evening hits he gets more weak. The choice of putting him down before nature takes him is hurting me because I don’t want him to suffer but also don’t want to take him too early. Please pray for our lil guy, he’s the best thing that has happen to Sam and I and we’re truly heartbroken to lose him :(