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Kestrel Shadow

Kestrel is my very first pet of my own and my entire heart. She was seeming a bit tired and throwing up a bit but the vet couldn't get her in any earlier than her appointment was. She collapsed while waiting and had to be rushed to the emergency vet for 36 hours of hospitalization. Nobody could diagnose her even after seeing multiple vets until we saw an amazing internal medicine specialist who let us know about GS. After 12 long weeks of the world's angriest cat getting injections, she was cleared for observation. 12 weeks after that and she's cured!!! I'll never stop being grateful that my baby has another chance to live. Decades ago, my parents kitten Shadow developed FIP and had to be put down by a vet who was not at all sympathetic to my mother's grief. I'm grateful that my Kestrel has the chance she never had, and she's taken the middle name Shadow after that poor lost kitten. It took six months of hoping beyond hope and everything I had but we did it baby girl. Here's to the rest of your life