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Kelso was diagnosed with wet FIP on January 22,2020, when he was just 6 months old. Mom spent the next few hours crying and dreading the thought of losing the spunkiest little love bug. She got in contact with rescue she adopted Kelso from and found out about possible life saving treatment and just after midnight that same night, got our first injection! The road to recovery has been a tough one though. A couple days in, we had to adjust Kelso's dosage as he started displaying neurological symptoms. Unfortunately on day 78/84, Kelso experienced his first relapse and his dosage was increased once more. We treated for 7 additional weeks (total of 130 days!). Sadly, 60 hours after his last injection, Kelso relapsed once more. We are now treating for another 8-12 weeks, depending on resolution of symptoms. Kelso is so full of life and just celebrated his 1st birthday on 6/14! We are confident he will beat FIP once and for all, however, both of his parents lost our jobs as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown, so his journey to the finish line has been a little more difficult lately. Kelso and his family are immensely grateful for any and all help getting him to cured! Wishing everyone health and wellness during these times!!

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