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Kashi, also known as King Kashi

Kashi went from a robust kitten to a very large boy after being fixed. He then started developing all the signs—lack of appetite, swollen belly, jaundice, matted fur. Luckily two vets told me about the FIP Warrior site and within three days I had found someone with medicine nearby who has since become a great friend. My husband is a former medic and gave him the shots, our dear friend came and held him every day. And he ate like a horse after every injection. Each day we added one new activity that he used to do: going down the stairs, sleeping on his cylinder, jumping on the counter. By mid-treatment he was his old self— only lean and muscular and not overweight. He’s a Ragdoll and quite royal. He cuddles in the morning and bats at the blue cornflowers I have in the kitchen at night. We are so grateful that this cure has given us days and months of enjoying his regal presence!