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Hi everyone. This is my baby boy, Kase. He is 8 months old and has FIP. Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is a viral disease caused by a feline coronavirus that affects wild and domestic cats.

The FIP caused him to have meningitis in the brain and neck which caused seizures and problems with using his back legs. He also had issues with reoccurring fevers, but since treatment, these symptoms are gone.

The treatment is 3 months long and he is only on month 1. The medication costs around $700 a week to keep him going and being a full time college student, the cost is becoming extremely hard to keep up with. This is isn’t including all the vets bills and testing prior we had done, which was around $5,000.

He is such an amazing cat and is such a fighter. I know he can beat this disease. Any help with the cost is greatly appreciated💖

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For those who want to know more about Kase’s story:

Kase came to me as a foster with his two brothers. They were all very sick and it seemed like a miracle that they made it all. While Kase’s two brothers got better within a couple weeks, Kase never seemed to get completely better.

Kase went through copious amounts of testing and many rounds of antibiotics, but the fever always came back a couple weeks later. He would go from a happy and hyper kitten to watching his brothers play, because he was too weak.

When it came time for his two brothers to leave my foster care, I knew that I needed to adopt Kase. The shelter had done more than they could for Kase, but there is only so much that a shelter can do for one cat. I continued to do more testing and the more we tested, the more likely it seemed to be FIP. I knew that FIP was fatal without treatment so I kept being hopeful that we’d find something else to explain his symptoms.

Everything change though when Kase had his first seizure and began to have issues using his back legs. He ended up spending two nights in the ICU for monitoring. He wobbled when he walked, and could no longer squat to use the potty. It was heart breaking. At the same time his fever was not reacting to antibiotics and all he would do is sleep.

An MRI confirmed that he had meningitis in his brain and neck. The CSF culture showed no bacterial growth, which indicated a viral infection most likely.

His fever was reaching close to 106 F and I  didn’t know what else to do. I ended up contacting an FIP group on Facebook for help and found someone near me that had the medication to start treatment. Unfortunately, the medication is not easily accessible without going through certain organizations.

Within 24 hours of the first dose, he was fever free. Within 48 hours, he was was up and about playing. Within a week, his legs were working better. We are a month into this treatment and he is a completely normal and happy kitten.

He needs two more months to complete his treatment. This treatment though is very expensive and because he needed double the dose the first month, the cost was even more. Any help would truly be appreciated with all my heart. Kase is the most amazing kitty and is the spunkiest little thing I’ve met


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