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Kali was diagnosed with dry, neuro-ocular FIP in July 2019, when she was about 2 1/2 years old. She had stopped eating after being stung by a bee, and then she continued to have no appetite long after she should have been feeling better. Tests revealed FIP, and the only other symptoms she had were weight loss, and then her eye turned orange, confirming a the neuro-ocular diagnosis.

We started FIP treatment right away (after I found the Facebook group and convinced my vet to work with me). She had 84 days of injections and that wasn't easy, because Kali doesn't like to be handled unless she wants to be handled. So I had to drug her with gabapentin, and I hired a vet tech come to my house while I restrained Kali with a cat restraint bag and a muzzle (note: I have to use the same process to trim her nails--she's very feisty).  

She finished treatment in October 2019 and has been cured since then -- continues to be healthy, strong and feisty, with strong opinions.  I'm so grateful to everyone in the FIP owners community, and my vet (and the vet techs who came to my house) who helped Kali (and me) through that healing journey.