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Jupiter has had the most unfortunate of reactions. Three weeks ago he was a perfectly healthy, playful kitten. At first his hind legs began to be affected. It slowly spread to his tail and affected the lower half of his body making it impossible for him to use a litter box. He woke up this Friday shaking, vomiting and wheezing. After spending every other day being observed at the vet we went to emergency/neurology. Dr. Berman was one of the most caring animal Dr.'s I have ever met. He himself lives with a dog with spinal issues that cannot relieve himself. He must express his bladder several times a day. He also owns 3 shelter cats, one of which has cancer. He was honest with his prognosis. He said that to him FIP is one of the scariest viruses a cat can have because there is no cure, no vaccine and there is still so little they know about the virus. It is fatal with a life expectancy of only a few weeks. There are cats that can level off for a bit but inevitably the outcome is dire. It usually affects kittens under 1 year of age. It invades their immune systems which are not usually strong enough yet to fight it. FIP was now spreading to the front of Jupiter's body giving him very uncontrolled use of his front legs as well. His face and brain were beginning to be affected as well. He had lost half of his body weight and was now down to 5 lbs. Not much more than he weighed at his very first vet appointment. His face now partially paralyzed rendering him unable to swallow. He was unable to eat or drink. This also meant we could not administer any of his medications. So much is unknown of Jupiter's beginning. He was found a small stray kitten. We found him at animal control and we immediately bonded. A sweet stoic kitten infested with fleas. I called him my handsome boy. In the beginning, we joked he was the supermodel of cats. We saved him, loved him and cared for him. In the 6 short months we got to spend with him there was nothing more he could have needed. He was spoiled. In the end I went above and beyond what most people would do and held him like a baby endlessly. I did everything I could have done but it just wasn't enough for FIP. I was now faced with one of the hardest decisions I could make. I had to decide when his suffering was enough. I held him in my arms until the very end. I watched him drift off peacefully and painlessly, my hand never leaving his sweet little face. My heart is broken and I will miss this sweet kitty. His sweet sister keeps looking for him. I know we were meant to find each other in this life. RIP sweet Jupiter.