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A year ago, Joy, originally named Kash, was rescued from the streets of a hard-scrabble Maryland city as a little kitten.  After being sent to an animal shelter, she found her way to a foster and eventually a cat café/ adoption center.  There, along with her little brother, she was placed in the kitten room with many others.

I happened to visit the cat café *not* intending to adopt, but Joy had other plans.  I noticed what a gregarious little girl she was.  All of the kittens in the room had come from shelters and rescues and, finding themselves in an unfamiliar place, were understandably anxious.  Although Joy had also been through just as much as they, she made her way around the room grooming and nurturing the shy kittens, like a big sister.  No sooner then had she climbed into my lap and began purring up a storm.  After she made it clear that there was no way she was going to let me leave without her, I officially became her Mom.  I named her Joy because, well she IS a Joy!

I decided to bring her brother as well, but when a clerical error sent him home with a different family, I was determined to find her a little brother.  A little orange boy named Sherman came to join us, and she became his loving, albeit rather bossy, big Sis.  Both grew into lovely cats.

Joy asserted herself in the household, making her nurturing presence felt by all.  Also a fearsome huntress, she commandeered the kitty fishing pole, often grabbing the toy dangling from the end and refusing to let go, dragging pole and all back to her “lair”.

It was in late May that suddenly this lively girl became lethargic and thin. Her lovely coat was neglected and dull. She only half-heartedly chased toys and I knew something was wrong when she let her little brother tackle her and didn’t fight back.    The vet confirmed the diagnosis – FIP.

She was started on treatment immediately.  She was placed in her own room for monitoring while she began meds.  Her little brother Sherman faithfully camped out right outside the door to be near her.

The effect of the medication is remarkable.  In just a few weeks she re-gained over 2 lbs of body weight.  Her appetite returned and her coat regained it’s softness.  When she was able to come out of her room she and Sherman had a joyous reunion, and while she is still recovering her “spunk” she did manage to wrestle with him a bit.  He is now grooming and nurturing her as she once did for him.

While she is well on her way, she still has quite a ways to go.   She needs to continue the full course of medication to continue to recover and survive.   The meds are about $100 a vial and she still needs another 40 vials.  We are grateful for any help.  Please help Sherman keep his beloved big sister, help Joy continue to be a Joy to her Mom, and please help Joy have the happily ever after she deserves!

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Brother Sherman lending Joy a paw of support
Sherman grooming Joy