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Journey was only 3 months old when I got him in late February 2019. He was the only survivor of his litter and his mommy left him. I seen his picture on Facebook and I was looking for a 3rd kitten to join my family. His eyes said “come get me Daddy”. I went to Petsmart a few days later where they held an adoption event and brought him home. He was so tiny only the size of my hand. He was also the sweetest cat. We bonded very quickly and he claimed my lap as his. He would always want to snuggle and he was also very playful. He got an upper respiratory infection about 2 weeks later. The vet gave me some antibiotics and everything seemed to be alright. About a month after I got him I noticed his belly was swollen. I quickly got him to the vet the next day. I thought it was just worms so I wasn’t too worried. My friend from Los Angeles called and asked how he was and I told her. She mentioned FIP and my heart sunk. My vet later called that day and told me it was in fact wet FIP and explained the disease and told me he had a few weeks to a month to live. They drained his abdomen and sent it for testing. I couldn’t stop crying all weekend. I researched like crazy to find anything that could buy him time. I refused to give up on my cute little guy. I found a few drugs online but nothing I could get from my vet and they all were in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. A few days into this whole ordeal a nice woman from Germany found me and told me about GS-441524. I quickly googled it and saw the trial that had been done with it. The same woman told me about a Facebook group I could join and someone from that group messaged me. This very nice woman from New York got me some of the drug and I started it. I was super nervous about injecting my little guy but I was determined to save him. Luckily my friend came over to help me several times. I couldn’t have done it without him! 12 weeks of GS-441524 was very stressful. The thought of having to put a little kitten in so much pain was almost unbearable. I prayed every single night that this would work. So about a day or two after we started, his fever went back to normal and his appetite came back. Thank God it’s working! The injections weren’t easy but we pushed thru. My little warrior is such a trooper. About 10 days after we started his belly went down to normal. It was just as everyone in the group had said. We went to get bloodwork done 6 weeks into it but there was not much change. My vet told me just to keep on the medicine since it’s keeping him alive. Injecting him everyday for 12 weeks seemed like it would never end. We did another round of bloodwork I wanna say about 3 months into treatment. By then things started to look more normal from a biochemical point of view. We had some bouts where I would miss and some of the GS would get onto his skin. He had some chemical burns and my vet gave me some Silver Sulfadiazine cream. Finally we got to 12 weeks. Journey was full of energy and his appetite was non-stop. Before I ended his treatment we went for bloodwork again. Everything was good except for BUN being too high. Vet told me not to worry too much and we would monitor it. We went back about a month later and sure enough everything was normal. When 3 months post treatment which was Sept 11th came I was very excited and happy to have him be clinically cured. Last Sunday we celebrated his first birthday. Journey continues as a happy, healthy cat. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from people on FIP Warriors as well as my good friend Brian who helped me during the initial diagnosis and injections. I hope this story gives hope to any cat parent who is now struggling with FIP. I pray that one day soon we will have the medicine approved by the FDA so everyone can access it and give their cat a chance.