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Until recently Journey was the picture of health. Journey stayed with a friend for a week. Upon her return, I noticed her condition was very poor. I contributed it to being in a different environment. After being home for a few days, she appeared to be declining: loss of appetite, poor coat quality, lethargy and weight loss. On August 12th, I took her temperature and it was 103. High, but not emergency room urgent. On August 13th, I woke up and took her temperature and it was 105. We immediately went to the vet for examination. Blood work and radiographs were performed and vet did not see anything that would be causing condition, but it was obvious that she was very ill. The vet prescribed Onsior, Cerenia and Clavamox. On August 20th, we returned to the vet because she was not responding to the antibiotics and her fever was not subsiding. More tests were performed: bloodwork, FIV/FeLV, and sonogram. Orbax was added to the protocol.On August 22nd, we returned to the vet because her fever spiked to 106.4 and she had labored breathing. I had a deep feeling she had FIP. Her vet performed bloodwork, x-rays and there was a build-up of fluid in the chest cavity. She drew straw-colored fluid from her chest cavity and we later obtained the diagnosis of wet FIP. We left the vet hospital and drove to get our first bottle of GS. We are currently treating.