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We adopted Josie on October 31st 2021! She was our special Halloween Kitty.  Shortly after she became lethargic and her belly started to swell.

We rushed her to the vet and we got the probable diagnosis of WET FIP.  Our vet told us that the condition was most likely fatal.  But there was a chance.

An extremely expensive and time consuming treatment course available through back door channels on Facebook.  

After a ton of conversation, prayer and many checks into the financials we found the FIP WARRIORS and were assigned to Nicole Jacque and Jessika Napua Akana-Palmer.

We set out on the treatment with our Neighbor in tow, she had given the shots before and everyday she trekked over and gave the shot.  

Now Josie is doing very well and entering into the "Observation Phase"  

There is no doubt in my mind that this treatment course saved her life.  I am so grateful to the FIP WARRIORS for giving me years with this amazing little friend!