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Joey's journey started back in December, 2019. He was 1.5 years old. He had developed a fever, stopped grooming himself, lost his appetite, and was too weak to jump up onto his cat tower, or even off for that matter. This is when our Vet told us the dreaded news. Joey had dry FIP. Against her recommendation we chose to take him home that day and start researching for any help we could find. He was given steroids for inflammation only, with an understanding that this would not cure him. It sadly took me 3 months to learn of the FIP Warriors support group, and he gradually declined. He had now developed FIP Granulomas which were attaching to his organs, making breathing very difficult for him. Once finding the Warrior group we began treatment and chose to do injections. He still didn't respond as quickly as we had hoped. His breathing had become even more labored, So we increased his dose almost weekly, not because of weight gain, but more so because he wasn't responding. We had a hard time finding the proper dose that his body would begin responding to. Looking back in his journey journal we started him on 1.1ml. It was a difficult road to travel down and if I am being completely honest, it never did get any easier for us. We had leakage, we had sores develop, we had loss of appetite, we had struggled to find a tent almost daily as his skin had thickened and he would tense up, and finally we had a cat who could tell time, and would hide at injection time. He sent us on the hunt nightly and he began peeing and pooping from fear when we would find him and carry him to his injection location. We felt horrible. Some nights there was injection resistance where the meds didn't want to come out no matter how hard we tried, and the granulomas had also proven to be very tricky to treat. We went to the vet for his final checkup and labs about a week before he was suppose to reach his 84th day, and because we still didn't see the lab results we were hoping for we increased his dose one final time and extended his treatment to 90 days. He ended his treatment receiving 3.7ml on June 30th, 2020. On June 29th, one day prior to the end of treatment Joey celebrated his 2nd birthday. I am happy to say that He successfully completed the observation phase and had been considered cured of FIP in September, 2020. About 6 months after being cured he underwent a serious dental procedure because he had severe dental disease and gingivitis. He ended up having 16 teeth removed. He pulled through that surgery very well. Joey is a true Warrior. He was 7.8 pounds at the start of treatment and has ballooned to a chonky 15 pounds. He is otherwise healthy and living his best life. We pray that all kitties with this terrible diagnosis receive an opportunity to fight this disease, and win. I am so thankful I did not choose euthanization the day of his diagnosis as his Veterinarian had suggested. I could tell that Joey had a will to live. I didn't ever plan to let him down. And today we are so grateful Joey has survived to Meow about his experience. Blessings to anyone traveling this road. As hard as it is, it is so helpful knowing you don't have to travel it alone.