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Wow, where do I start? I’ll start by saying, after 6 months of hard work and determination, my sweet boy Joey, is FIP free! He’s miraculously cured from this so-called fatal disease. Guess it’s no longer fatal! My heart is finally dropped back to my chest and no longer dangling at my throat. Joey was 5 months old when I adopted him from Petsmart on Dec 17, 2018. Super playful, very gentle, loves cuddles and kisses, skinny, but lots of energy, sweetest little kitten, but didn’t have a big appetite. I thought maybe it’s the food. March 30, 2019 - my 8 months old sweet boy was sent to emergency pet hospital and then diagnosed with dry FIP. 4 vets were very confident with the diagnose after extensive exams and tests, confident enough to inform me with the heartbreaking news - Joey was going to die in 30 days. They suggested euthanasia. Symptoms at the time - heavy breathing, one nostril had reddish mucus, lethargic, jaundiced (eyes turned yellow from natural blue) , stopping eating/drinking on his own, hiding, no playing, sitting in prayer position, fur matted and yellowish, no stomach fluid, very skinny, walked a little wobbly from being so weak. I cried for 11 days. Still, didn’t want to give up on him. Syringe fed him wet food and water every day. Gave him Denamarin and under skin fluid like how the vet suggested. But watching him deteriorating so fast killed me. During the 11 days, my dear friend had convinced me to try GC + GS treatment. He helped me sort out the first 2 weeks of GC. I ordered more GS. April 9th, 2019. First shot of GC376. Joey started eating on his own. Played his favourite paper ball. He jumped on chairs. Meowed. Eyes no longer yellow. By the end of the 2nd shot, his eyes turned completely back to normal baby blue. He jumped on my elevated high bed to sleep and cuddle with me all on his own... I cried every time he displayed any signs of life. I couldn’t believe Joey may just live after all. I couldn’t believe what vets told me could possibly be wrong. April 24th, Joey switched to GS injections. July 2nd, Joey finished 12 weeks of GC +GS injections. To be safe I continued with GS pills for another 12 days. July 15, Joey stopped all forms of treatment. First day without GS. August 15, celebrated first month after stopping GS with no relapse! Still need to monitor him for another 2 months. September 15th, hooray again for no relapse! One more months to go. October 15, I cried out of utter joy and relief. I can announce to the world that Joey is FIP free! He is a total healthy happy 1-year-old handsome young man, with so much life ahead of him. We’re gonna spend a life together now! Today is Oct 21st. I’m happy to finally come to zenbycat to write about Joey’s survival experience against FIP in hope to help others. I didn’t leave town for work or pleasure for 6 months straight. All of treatment mentioned above is from MUTIAN brand. I vouch on their product with Joey’s life! Literally! I wish one day, no more kitties would die from FIP anymore, that the drug and treatment can be accessible and affordable to all families. No more lost souls, no more broken hearts. Instead, more headbuds, cuddles, purs and kisses, happiness furever! 🐾 🙏❤️