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Hello, our sweet Jerry, like so many others has FIP. He has had such a rough little life so far. We adopted him from a shelter where almost all of the cats were sick. We have only had him for 3 months and have already had 1000's of dollars in vet bills. He started with what we thought was Uveitis, he was on numerous medications for that which included weekly visits to the vet. Once his eye started to get better, he shortly after became lethargic, withdrawn, dehydrated and began to lose weight. The vet kept him overnight on IV fluids and suspected Dry FIP. When I got him home we instantly had to take him back in to the vet as he was no longer able to walk. He spent yet another night at the vet, this time we were certain he wouldn't make it home to us. The next day we picked him up by the grace of God and were given 3 options. We could try treatment to see if he had Toxoplasmosis, we could Euthanize or we could begin the very costly treatment for FIP. At this point I hadn't known much about the treatment and was a bit skeptical. I opted to try treatment for Toxoplasmosis. This of course didn't work. I then decided to try a 2 week course of treatment for FIP. By this point our poor boy had Dry FIP with Neurological symptoms and couldn't even lift himself to use the litter box and was being hand fed wet food and syringes of water hourly. He now has been on treatment for 30 days and is doing a lot better. We are a family of 6 with 7 pets. My husband just retired from the military so we have lost a great deal of income as a result of that as they tell him he isn't able to draw his retirement funds for another 20 years. We are both working full time but the costs of this are becoming devastating to our funds. I am at a cross roads right now where I can not figure out how to financially come up with enough to order any more vials. We are desperately low on medicine at this point, we have about 3 days worth. I am reaching out to every avenue possible for assistance and posting a go fund me page everywhere that I can think of. I am asking that you consider helping us financially, post our page or send prayers our way. We would greatly appreciate any help. Thank you in advance. Please check out our gofundme for pictures and updates as well.

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