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Jenn Trof

Never heard of FIP until 1 day before I lost my Jinx. I came home from a vacation on December 16, 2014 and noticed he had a small seizure. The next day I took him to the vet. We thought he had epilepsy and started treating him right away for that. Unfortunately his seizures got worse to the point that I had to isolate him when I went to work from my other 3 cats. I came home from work on Dec 25, working the midnight shift, and noticed that during one of his seizures that his urine now had blood in it. I called the vet immediately and got the number for the emergency vet. I took him in right away. He was comatose at this point. When I left for work, he was walking around in the bathroom and did not want to be by himself. Big different in 12 hours. The emergency vet ran blood work, hooked up an iv, and had no answers until the bloodwork came back. The next morning after work I went in to visit him. There was no change. He was still comatose. The vet told me there was no indication on his bloodwork of what was wrong and the only thing they could think of was FIP. They kept the IV running, antibiotics and whatever else they could think of. I called the very next day when I left work, now the 27th. I was told there was no change at all in his condition. He was still comatose. I told them that I would be in shortly to say goodbye. I couldn't let him stay like this without knowing why. We originally thought it was epilepsy so me and my normal vet never ran his bloodwork back on the 16th. But since he most likely had neurological FIP, there was probably nothing that could be done for him at that point anyway. His symptoms took 11 days to take his little life from me. He was only 8 months old. My original vet has since been researching FIP more and not just going with the easiest diagnosis for others. Hopefully it will help someone else in the area.