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About a month ago we lost Stanley to a virus called FIP at just 10 months old. FIP is a fatal virus that is seen in kittens up to 3 years of age. Stanley had the dry form of the virus causing him to lose his ability to stand and walk on his own. After finding out there was no cure I decided it was best to put him to rest.

His brother Jasper began eating a lot less than normal and acting less like himself. I was assuming he was depressed from the loss of Stanley. It got to the point where he stopped eating completely, hiding, and not even drinking water. He also had lost a significant amount of weight fast. I knew something was seriously wrong because he is usually a very active, upbeat, friendly kitten. He had deteriorated in a matter of what felt like hours. After taking him to the vet Jasper was diagnosed with the wet form of FIP causing his abdomen to fill with fluid. I was then informed of the FIP Warriors who have a treatment for this horrible virus.

I am doing everything I can to save his life and help him stay strong on this journey. Jasper needs a shot every day for 84 days in hopes of being cured. It is very expensive and after ER visits and other testing I am asking for help. Any donation or even sharing this is extremely appreciated.

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