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Jasmine was diagnosed with wet FIP on New Year's Eve.... What a way to bring in 2022. We went to the vet for a regular check up after she had some dental work and I noticed that she'd lost a lot of weight...then I saw that her temperature was a little higher than normal...then her vet noted that her gums looked a little pale.  She was anemic. Her belly was full of fluid so it was hard to tell that she'd lost so much weight. The vet kept her for a few extra hours so that she could see the ultrasound tech when they came in.  When I came to pick her up she seemed more alert and active than when I left her. I thought they'd fixed whatever was wrong, but the vet came in and told me it didn't look like Jasmine had much time left. She handed me a small vial of fluid that they drained from Jasmine's belly, and recommended I bring Jasmine and the sample to the ER. We suspected cancer. I got her to the ER so they could get her to an oncologist in the morning and started preparing to do whatever I needed to make her last few days comfortable... The next morning I was told that they were transferring her to internal medicine instead of oncology. They said it looked like it was likely either cancer or FIP, but they were leaning towards FIP. The vet told me that there's a treatment for FIP, but it isn't regulated and that I'd have to find it online....  A few difficult days of injections and syringe feeding passed. First, she started eating on her own. Then, I started getting her to play again. Now she's almost back to normal! It's been such a relief to be able to help Jasmine. Fingers are crossed that treatment continues to go smoothly, and that I get a few more years with my 11 year old.

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