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Jack Jack

A little back story:
Momma was in a tough place. She had just lost two babies in May and December 👼🏻
Her mind was dark.. and although she had a 4yo at home.. she was afraid that there was no place for her.

Luckily Hunter randomly wanted a kitten for Christmas 💚 Mom and Dad looked around for a few months.. saw a cute one in a PetSmart in the Cleveland, Ohio area but as we were inquiring, someone had already filled out adoption paper. It broke poor Hunters heart 💔

They decided to wait til they got back home to Missouri.
They went to several places until they wound up at PetSmart in Rolla to find out that PetSmart didn’t run the adoptions but rather a different organization. This cute little family came up to our glass (as many others have) and noticed that our papers said that because Dash and I had been through SO much in life .. we had to be adopted together. No way this family looking for ONE cat would adopt us both.. but they wanted to play. Dash hid behind things but I was curious.
That’s when momma got a sparkle ✨ in her eyes.
She started filling out the paperwork 🧡

The very next day, THEY CAME BACK. Bought us a carrier, food and some fun toys.
We hid under the bed most of the time BUT I was still so curious about them.
Dash started coming out with me when the family left for the day. It was warm here and we found our home 🏡

My brother doesn’t need me much anymore.. but I sure do need him.. and momma needs me still.

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