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Issac has always been very healthy on September the 9th 2019 he was lethargic had reduced appetite and fever. He was found to have a UTI and was treated with antibiotics then they thought he might have hemolytic anaemia so they changed the antibiotics there was no improvement so I ask for a referral to the Cat hospital. Lucius had the whole range of tests and blood work and on the 12th of October 2019 he had a pretty definitive f i p wet diagnosis. I was devastated by this time he had become weaker and severely anemic I was told by the vets to plan when to euthanize him. I mentioned this treatment but they were worth totally against it stating all the reasons why not to pursue it ... I ignored their opinions. I did my research and found the Facebook page and the link to Zen by Cat I read about the research and the trial conducted and bought the product for £11,000 ... I will raise all the money. I am currently leigh-on day 26th of GS 44 15 24 and Lucius Maximus appears to be totally healthy and normal ... After the first 24-hours his persistent fever of 5 weeks disappeared ... And he has continued to make huge improvement. I always feed my cats a very good diet and I'm also giving him fillet steak or venison steak everyday which he devours with a passion!!! I am giving him milk thistle everyday to support his leather also very high grade organic CBD oil and and Turmeric all in the right doses for Cats. On the injection sites he has developed four sores as a skin reaction to the drug. I am keeping these clean using betadine I did use medical grade manuka honey which was extremely effective va but what made a sticky mess and then he licked it all off off-road so did my other cat's!!!
Lucius Maximus is a very strong cat and a big boy so doing the injections is very challenging I have a friend who comes to help me and we have tried a variety of different techniques luckily we have worked out an effective  protocol. Lucius Maximus is eating huge amounts of food his bowel movementsand his bladder I totally normal he is playing jumping around like a kittOn and being super cute and affectionate .
Thank you for the opportunity to share all our stories. Raising awareness of this treatment is imperative
With much Love and Miawwws

X Lucius Maximus and Jen X