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Hexis A. Lyman

Hexis was almost 5 months old, when I noticed he wasn't recovering from his neutering very fast. It was a friday and I decided to keep an eye on him that weekend. Monday rolled around, I already knew what he had. We had another baby girl taken 2 years earlier by FIP, I just couldn't let Hexis die- in my head I was screaming F$#k FIP, your not taking another cat!!! In a frantic, tearful and heart breaking internet search, I saw it! On my screen was UC Davies and Dr. Pedersen. The study AND the FIP warrior group on Facebook- immediately joined the group,and felt like I was getting somewhere. I made up my mind, no matter what this takes, Hexis is going to have a fighting chance. Cost isn't easy when a student, and my spouse is in construction ( WINTERTIME). Yet here we are, I can see the finish line- 18 days left. The next 12weeks of observation will prove cured. Hex weighed 4 2lbs, he is now at 8.5lbs. He had neuro FIP, his vet said he had a couple days to live. My life mantra is F#$K FIP!! Hexis earned the middle name Achmed, because hes a 7 month old kitten terrorizing his sister and doing what kittens do!!!