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I am not the one to ask for help. I am the person who helps. At least that’s who I’ve always been. Reaching out to people now is one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I need to reach out if I am going to save our dear kitten, Henry. At only 12 months old, Henry was diagnosed with FIP, a deadly kitten disease that I had never heard of Before. After extensive research I found a group participating in drug treatment for cats with FIP. It is an Experimental treatment studied by Dr. Niels Pedersen from UC Davis that is effective in 90% of cats. This treatment is expensive on top of the vet bills I have accumulated, we are in need of some help to save him. Henry means the world to everyone in my family. We already had two cats; Jill and Matilda. And while they are both great cats, Matilda was not a great playmate for Jill, and Jill began to become depressed. Also, as a recently divorced single mom, things have been tough both financially and emotionally. I knew that I had to find a special kitten to restore balance to the Force—for all of us. Henry was that kitten. His sweet personality brought us all closer; Jill was no longer depressed and even Matilda had a friend! When Henry came into our lives, all of a sudden we were laughing again, smiling, and spending time together playing with this new fuzzy bundle of joy. I cannot bear to let that joy go. Henry has helped us so much.

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