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One cat's life or HOW I FIGHT WITH FIP Hello, my name is Lena and a month ago I got a cat Kasandrick, infected with FIP. In fact, I did not know what I was dealing with, and I began to treat the cat, thinking that with my perseverance I will achieve at least a stage of remission. The first time, hitting a veterinary clinic with fluid in the abdominal cavity, the cat was not diagnosed and treated symptomatically with antibiotics and hormones. At first glance, the treatment helped and the cat even got better. However, after the abolition of antibiotics, the temperature kept steadily, I continued to prick antibiotics and hormones on prescriptions of doctors. It came to that when I came to see the doctors they just asked me what helped you, then they wrote it out. I went around three veterinary clinics in our city, no one could diagnose him. After using a two-week course of antibiotics, the cat went blind. Doctors up to the last could not put to the animal the diagnosis. When they took a sample from the abdominal cavity to the phylum, the liver and kidneys were already practically rejected. The cat died. Unfortunately, we do not diagnose this disease in our country, and especially do not know how to treat it. I've read many forums about how this disease is treated in America and Japan and our veterinary medicine is very far away from it.