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Heidi was saved from a local shelter in July of 2018. She was the sweetest, little most loving girl. They suspected Russian Blue mix, but they had no information about her origins., although they thought her birthday was May 3rd. Unfortunately, URIs were going around at the time and a few days after going home, she got very sick. For the next few months, she battled respiratory infections. Even after spaying, she recaught it and was sick again.  It was tough, but her family loved her and wouldn't give up. Finally, at a year old, she seemed fine. Not so! She started coughing and losing weight, getting tired with no appetite. It turns out fluid had accumulated and collapsed one of her lungs. After bloodwork, a fluid draining, cytology report, and urinalysis, it was determined that this sweet little girl had FIP on Oct 16th.  She had to have two operations - one to remove fluid, and one to remove air that took its place, keeping the lung collapsed. She was placed on prednisolone, clavamox, and gentamicin sulfate drops for her stuffy nose. Her vets wanted to give her GS, but weren't allowed to - they even reached out to the studies to beg for help. Her family loved her so much and posted about her on Instagram. Someone contacted her mom and told her about FIP Warriors. It took a little while to find information and make the decision to go forward, but Heidi took her first injection of Shire on Nov. 6th. She didn't like it, but quickly showed improvement. If everything works out, her graduation date with be January 28th, 2020. Her family can't wait! She gains weight, strength, and energy every day!

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Heidi and her FIP battle

Heidi's completed her 84 observation period and joins the growing number of FIP Survivors.  Here is her victory picture: