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In the beginning of May 2020 I took a little cute kitty from a shelter, she was 3.5 months old, I named her Harlyn.
One month after we went to the first vaccination, the doctor prescribed us to do the ultrasound test saying that her belly was a little bit swollen. The results of the ultrasound test showed the presence of free fluid. We did the exudate fluid PCR and received the positive result on 14th of June.
In the vet hospital we were told that the treatment doesn’t exist and this is the indication for euthanasia.
I got in contact with the shelter and next day we went to another vet hospital called the hospital of Sotnikov (Saint-Petersburg, Russia). We redid the PCR, did complete blood count and comprehensive metabolic panel test.
Now we are treating with GS-441524.
Since 17th of June we have been treating FIP. We started the treatment with the pills Bravo and are injecting Capella.
Today is the 12th day of the treatment, the baby is active, she both eats and feels well. For days ago we did the first tests, there is less free fluid according to the ultrasound test. The blood tests showed better results, the hematocrit level had risen, the albumin-globulin ratio had become 0.52 (it was 0.45 initially). We really need help, because we can't buy such an expensive medicines without help.

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