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Harley "Quinn"

Quinn was diagnosed with wet FIP in Mid-May and she lost her battle in late June. Quinn was such a wonderful cat but her early life was filled with horror and dismay, she first survived a high kill shelter in North Carolina (USA) with her kittens to be rescued by a women who was later arrested for hording and torture of the cats and kittens she was pulling from surrounding kill shelters (her kittens were not recovered). Quinn ended up at our temporary shelter set up for these survivors called Anderson Feline Survivors, she came in with 70 other cats and kittens, but there are still hundreds of cats we were never able to locate (…/). Quinn was a truly happy cat, even in those conditions and the first year and a half which she was just tossed around like trash, she was still friendly, playful, and trusting. It only took a minute but she decided she would come home with me, and I was instantly in love with her but I was not looking to adopt as I already had 9 cats at my home. Every day when I arrived she would run to the front of her crate start meowing, with the itty bitty meow she had, and reach out with her paws to get my attention. After the months of nursing these cats back to health so they could be adopted, my husband and I ultimately decided she would come home with us (of course I had to beg, plead and cry for my hubby to agree). For five years my familiar was happy and healthy, maybe a little rounder then she should have been. She was a quirky little cat, she chewed on anything metal (doorknobs, iron chair legs, cabinet hardware), she protected us from all cardboard boxes by ripping by them to shreds, she had a lack of awareness for where she was often falling of the wall shelves and cat trees when sprawled out sleeping. She was warm and loving always looking for a lap so you could pet her belly. She would zoom around the house for no reason at all, sliding into the dogs (much to their displeasure). Quinn always wanted to be around people, she never hid when company came, she had to be in the center of the action. She was so wonderful, I just wish you all could have met her. My heart aches for her every day.