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Hannibal was diagnosed shortly after his first birthday. We had just celebrated a year with his wonderful, loving ball of fluff and then we found out we were going to lose him. That night after I got the phone call and heard the term “FIP” for the first time in my life, I began to madly searched to find any hope. The second result on google said “FIP, theres a cure” and that was it, I knew then I had to try. I made several phone calls, one being to my cousin who was his vet. She told me to put him down and that any chance for a cure would just be a waste of time and would most certainly kill my cat. I told her “if your just going to kill him anyway and his other option is to just die, whats the worst thing that can happen to him if I try?” That next morning gainst recommendation I pulled him out from the emergency vet and took him home and found the facebook group that would change my life. We syringe fed him babyfood and kitten formula for 2 days while we hunted for medication. We kept him hydrated, we hd caught it really early so we were so lucky that when we got our first dose he was still healthy enough to bounce back almost instantly. We met a woman from the group and drove to the city and made a weird little drug deal, it was so scary and yet we just had to believe. We were shaking and scared when we gave him his first dose, ready for him to die if it went wrong. I remember sobbing from joy when he was finished and we gave him a churru and he ate it. I was inconsolable after he showed interest in the fly that hd been buzzing around our house for a day. I knew in that moment that it would work. It was tough, it was brutal to do a shot every day. For 3 months we had to put ourselves on a strict schedule and for 3 months our boy endured and fought and got stronger. His skin took a beating, he lost a few patches of hair and had some scabbing. I remember the one time we accidently hit a vein and he was just bleeding like crazy, hes all white so it was horrifying. We had good days and bad days and we just kept fighting. We saw him gain weight and get his personality back and we could tell he felt better. I could also tell he knew we were helping him. And after all of it, after an additional 3 months of watching him closely with baited breath thinking “please please please dont relapse” he didnt. He made it. He graduated and has absolutely NO symptoms or signs of FIP. 3months of shots, 3months of nervously expecting the worst and $6k later we have our healthy, tubby love bug. I would do it again in a heart beat. I hope I never have to, but I wouldnt hesitate to try again. This treatment saved my kittens life. Today he celebrated his second birthday. He is 14lbs of love. His whole existence is love. Every penny, every sleepless night, every shot and every churru were worth it. We thought we would only get 14 months with our cat after hearing FIP in 2021 its not 2022 and I am looking forward to spending another 14 years with him (hopefully more than that if im lucky). If your hesitant, dont be. If you need money, it will come. If you need help, it will come. This community finds ways to help. There is so much love here. Stay strong and keep going. The worst thing that could happen is you tried. FIP is a death sentence for cats without this. So even if it doesnt work you tried. We tried and it worked and I am so happy for it. Take a chance on your fur baby, you wont regret it.