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Meet Hamish
We brought Hamish home on October 21, 2019. He immediately stole our hearts.

When Problems Began
After New Year, we noticed he was much less active and playful. It wasn’t remarkable at  first because he was always such a snuggler, but it became apparent that something was wrong. He started running quite a high fever. Blood work results indicated he might have FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) and this was soon confirmed. FIP is a mutated form of the coronavirus, and until recently was always fatal.

Next Steps
We continued to watch him and give him steroids and antibiotics. We eventually decided to try an 84 day treatment, our only option to save him.

A Healthy Hamish
His 1st shot was on March 12th. Things were going well until on March 21st he started doing a weird tilting thing with his head and our admin confirmed he was showing signs of a neurological form of FIP. We doubled his dose and continued with treatment. It was like a miracle. He improved tremendously; eyes brighter, coat shinier, livelier, and playful? Extremely! He was loving his kittenhood once again.

Fast forward to his last shot on Thursday, 4th June. Everything had been going great. We were gearing up for a big celebration. Then Saturday night he had diarrhea. Sunday morning his temp was 104.7° and he could barely, barely hold his head up. Something was terribly wrong. Our vet and admin suspected he had relapsed. We gave him one of the 2 leftover doses of treatment that we had left. This morning his fever had broken and his temp was down to 100.3°.

How You Can Help
Our admin confirmed Hamish has relapsed and will immediately need to start on 8 more weeks of life-saving treatment. Even though he’s still small at 6lbs 4oz, he will need about 32 vials of treatment. And that’s if he doesn’t gain any weight. He has a good chance of making a full recovery but our financial resources are exhausted. Because Hamish developed a neurological form of the virus we had to double his treatment very early on; and our costs doubled. We would be so very grateful if you would be willing to help him get the life-saving treatment he needs. He has come to mean so much to us and, for such a little guy, he’s really a BIG part of our family.

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