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Gypsy Boo

Gypsy was a sickly little rescue I found at 7 weeks of age. She recovered and thrived and had a perfect life with me.  After her routine spay surgery she never recovered. She was diagnosed with wet FIP.  I took her to several 2nd opinion appointments and all diagnoses were the same. I was told there was no hope by all 4 professionals and instructed to euthanize her to end her suffering.  I begged for help but they all told me there is NO CURE.
I cried and I prayed.  I started doing research online and I came to Zen By Cat. I found a link to FIP Warriors listed and I joined.  The rest is a beautiful journey of faith and hope.  We are winning!!!

UPDATE: Gypsy Boo is considered cured and an FIP Survivor!

Gypsy-boo's Pages:

Gypsy Boo's human had this drawing created in honor of her ongoing battle.