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Received cat from a foster who was going to euthanize him. Got him Dec 8 2020. First thing I noticed was an enlarged, occluded eye. Next thing I noticed was the cat was totally blind. Pupils none reactive. Stayed dilated. Could not track at all. Took to vet for exam and labs. PCR coronovirus exremely high. Blood work indicated fip. I cintacted Dr pedersen at UC Davis. He felt based on photos, description and labs that Grayson had Occular FIP without any neurological symptoms. He sent me a recommended dosage to start. Not able to obtain the medication here in america, I joined the occular fip facebook page and an admin contacted me and started sending me the treatment. Grayson was on Capella brand at 5mg/ml strength. At 8 pounds, his dose was 0 mg/kg which came out to 2.5ml sq daily. So the treatment began. Within a weak I needed to premedicate with gabapentin as he his semi feral and needed to use a net to give him the shot. Within 10 days he could start to track. Within 24 days, the uveititis was clearing up and his good eye was now reactive to light. Fast forward to day 94 of treatment. I extended treatment 0 days due to the eye. Today is day 20 of observation. Eye sight completely restored. Bad eye unfortunately is not reactive to light and he may lose the eye. Sees vet ist week of June for post treatment and observation labs. So far, no signs of relapse.