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We had lost our boy Tiger in December of 2018 at 14 years old to kidney failure. We were heartbroken and missed him so much. We wanted to love another kitty and in August of 2019, we adopted Goose from a local animal shelter. We had so much fun with him until we noticed his activity level subside and I noticed that he was breathing heavily. We took him to the vet and they took x Ray's and found it to be FIP. We were devastated to say the least. Our vet told us to euthanize him, but I did not take that for an answer. I immediately came home and researched cures, treatments, anything to have our boy just a little longer. Then, I found the FIP warriors page, which changed our lives drastically. We instantly started him on treatment and noticed immediate improvement. We had our boy back. Through the 84 day treatment process, we received bad medicine that didn't contain GS from Shire, Jason Yu. This caused Goose to have a setback and we immediately switched to another brand. We lost over $850 on bad medicine we couldn't sell or use. We finished treatment and his blood work was okayed by vets and Dr. P. We were so excited to be done with shots. One day later, Goose relapsed. We started him on double the dose for 8 weeks per Dr. P, and today (4/21/2020) is Goose's last shot. We now begin the monitoring process and are hoping that he does not relapse and that he finally beat this horrible disease. We have spent over $10,000 on his treatment to this point.

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