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I lost my two senior pups a year ago (2months apart). I waited a year before getting a new fur baby. I was volunteering at the Peninsula Humane Society when I wandered up to the cat floor. I asked if they had any dog-like cats, and they had one. Gnocchi came home with me that day! As I questioned my decision for the next week, “was I ready?” and “I don’t know anything about cats,” Gnocchi made her bed deep into my heart.

6 weeks later Gnocchi was diagnosed with FIP. I was told there was nothing we could do and that I should put her down. However, Gnocchi had other plans. As I carried her in to do so, she fought and screamed at me. I had been praying for a sign all night and here it was. I took her home and stumbled upon Dr Pedersen’s research the next day. Impulsively, I called him LOL, and when I didn’t get through, I emailed him! Not expecting this renowned professor to respond, I went on searching. A few hours later, he responded and pointed me in the right direction! I cannot thank him and everyone else enough!

Although, I may not understand why we or anyone has to go through this, it is very evident that Gnocchi and I were meant to be together! I was able to get her started on treatment that night!

Gnocchi just turned 1yr this month and was diagnosed with wet nuero FIP.

Thank you again for all y’all are doing!

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