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Gilė (Acorn)


A few weeks ago we got our first pet – mix breeded kitty which name is Gile (Acorn). We knew that she got two suspicious diagnosis: cerebellum hypoplasia or FIP. And then we got FIP neuro form approved. Her life doesn‘t change: she has appetie, loves her Tuna wet food, she defecates and urinates as usual. Yes, she has some problems to walk, she can‘t jump and can‘t speak. But we love just the way she is. And she is perfect.

The worst thing in this situation is that we need money. Money is needed for her treatment which is kind of expensive. All the situation with Corona in our country is getting worse. We have our salary payment stopped, but we still have to pay for rent, bank loan, car repair, food, medicine and so on. Nothing has changed just our salaries.

Our Gile weight  is 1,8kg, we have first stage neuro FIP. We need treatment for 84 days. We are looking for Pine injections. And we could get them if we have money. For first month (30 days) we need to have about 700 euros. All treatment will cost about 2000 euros. We already got some medicine donation, so our hope is alive!

Why is this so important?

Vets said thet we should euthanise her immedialty but I know that we have a chance to live. GS treatment is expensive but reliable. So I have to give my kitty a chance to live.

I created paypal for this situation:

Our fond link:

Help us to LIVE.

Thank you!

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